We consider ourselves craftsmen of the commercial leasing process. Not only do we have access to current market availability and pricing, but we also know the details and fine print of many recently completed deals. Knowledge of that and the motivations of the many different Landlords in the market is what ultimately drives the best deal for you. We also thoroughly evaluate dozens of aspects of the lease to protect you and your assets from hidden charges and manipulations that can cost the uninitiated dearly down the road.


Considering owning your own commercial space? You should! The benefits far outweigh the risks. We have the experience and first hand knowledge to help you analyze the long-term effects of ownership, avoid the pitfalls, and guide you through the financing process. Doing this properly, especially understanding the tax benefits, will always save you thousands of dollars over the long haul.


Over 25 years in commercial real estate and we think we’ve seen it all! Let us assist you analyze those tough choices, sort through the myriad of choices available, offer advice behind the scenes or face-to-face with your Landlord. Everything is negotiable at all times before you commit to a lease and during your lease!


Increased operating pass-thru costs can surprise the best planned budget. We can protect you going into a lease and sort out the financial details to be sure you aren’t paying too much. Mistakes and overcharges are commonly made, almost always in favor of the Landlord. Go figure! Let us identify the red flags and win back some of your hard earned dollars!


We have referred capable and reliable contractors and vendors to our clients over many years. No matter what aspect of your office, warehouse or retail move, we have solid referrals that you can trust to get the job done right the first time, every time.